Really Rotten Realty - The Worst Real Estate Company EVER!!!

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They promised to list my house at a price I thought was a good price, and told me everything I wanted to hear. Great I thought. However, they knew it was grossly overpriced and just agreed with me to get the listing. Now, only after I'm under contract with them and stuck using them, I hear their concerns about price. I say I hear, but I mean I randomly hear when they please because I can't get anyone to return my calls and their voicemail system is so complicated (by design I think) I don't know where I'm leaving a message. Not that it matters, they haven't returned a call yet anyway.

When they show their clients the house, they don't give much notice. One time I caught them calling from the sidewalk, standing next to the buyers. What kind of notice is that? My house has been on the market for months now and the only suggestions they have to offer is to lower the listing price. Wow, real rocket science.

Their MLS listing is horribly done. They took MLS pictures from a cheap phone that didn't have a flash and the house looks like a dark and uninviting cave, but they don't care. The kitchen picture even has a picture of the agent's purse and fast-food lunch on the counter. I even discovered that they described the house using an automated description generator called the Robo-Descriptor 9000. What am I paying for? I'm certainly not getting the service a full-service Realtor should offer.

The name of the company is Really Rotten Realty - Yes, the name should have alerted me, but I thought all real estate agents are the same. They've proven that I was wrong.

Don't use this company or any lazy real estate agent from this company. They aren't worth the commission.

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